Copyright 2012 Midway Memorial United Methodist Church Made with Xara sunlit steeple Memorial United Methodist Church The Midway Memorial United Methodist Church represents the merger of the four churches which constituted the Midway Circuit.  In the early 1970’s members of the four churches began to share Christian fellowship by attending worship services at each others churches.  At that time, the members of the churches began to speculate about the possibility of one new church.  After much discussion, prayer, work and generous donations, ground was broken for Midway Memorial United Methodist Church on Sunday, August 13, 1972.  The construction was completed by the next summer and the first services were held in July, 1973.  The churches of Mount Pleasant (founded 1911), McConnell’s Memorial (founded 1905), Morgan’s Chapel (founded 1908) and Farley’s Chapel (founded 1885) closed at that time.  Since the opening of Midway Memorial, we have seen an increase in church programs and church facilities and in attendance.  Midway Memorial UMC is part of the Big Stone Gap District of the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church. Farley's Chapel McConnell's Memorial Morgan's Chapel Mt Pleasant Midway Memorial United Methodist Church Farley’s Chapel Morgan’s Chapel McConnell’s Memorial Mt Pleasant Midway Memorial UMC   Home What We Believe Who We Are Ministries Activities Find Us Our Pastor Since the beginning of the Methodist movement, it has been common for the Methodist church to appoint pastors to two or more congregations, particularly in rural areas. This has been done in order that churches may be able to share expenses of leading ministries and that clergy may receive full-time employment. In early times, the Methodist clergy were even known to ride horses between churches, leading them to be known at circuit riders. The church cooperatives have become known as “circuits” or “charges”. Midway Memorial UMC is on a charge along with Prospect UMC, which is in Yuma, and is about 12 miles away. Prospect UMC begins worship at 9:30 AM, and Midway Memorial UMC begins worship at 11:00 AM. Our pastor, Rev. Brad Stapleton, is the pastor of both churches of the charge. We regularly partner for ministry and outreach projects and occasionally for worship services. Come and join us in worship! Facebook Sermon Videos